Eastern Wyoming in March
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What exactly is there to do in Eastern Wyoming in March? I'll be there for a week.
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Where exactly in Eastern Wyoming? That's a pretty broad area. In the Northeast you can visit Devil's Tower (the country's first national monument, you may also remember it from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.) If you're into skiing, you could check out Snowy Range for downhill in the Southeast part of the state (located just South of Laramie). There's also snowmobile rentals available which is a pretty fun time. Or East of Laramie between Cheyenne check out Happy Jack if you like cross country skiing. Also between Laramie and Cheyenne you might like to visit Vedauwoo, which has some of the strangest rock formations you'll ever find. I spent 4 years going to school in Laramie, so I know more about the Southeast part of the state, but let me know where exactly you're going to be and I might have some ideas.
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I second the suggestion for skiing in the Snowy Range and Happy Jack if you're going to be in the southestern/south-central part of the state -- I learned to ski in Medicine Bow (the mountains, not the town) and it's always been my sentimental favorite. You can also take in the hot springs in Saratoga up there.

Laramie also has the Plains Museum at Ivinson Mansion, if you like local/Western history (and there are photos of a few of my ancestors on one of the walls!), a nice Geological Museum and Anthroplogy Museum at the university, and the Wyoming Territorial Park, centered around the old Territorial Prison (which, when I was a kid, was actually a livestock farm where we used to go pet the sheep).

And I concur: the Vedauwoo rock formations look like something out of Dr. Seuss -- very cool.
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If you're going to be in Sheridan, Wyoming, make sure to eat at Ciao Bistro. Tell the owner, my friend Matt, that Steven from Seattle says hello. Buy an expensive meal and leave a good gratuity. Then ask Matt if he wants to play poker that night and you can win all your meal money back. He's a terrible bluffer, but a phenomenal cook.
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