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In the U.S., is Priority Mail really faster than First Class?
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Where are you shipping from and to? How much does the package weigh?
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It depends on how far the package has to go and then of course how much it weighs. If it's more than 13 oz. first class is not an option. In my experience, first class can take up to a week or sometimes a little bit longer. Priority is usually consistentally within 2-3 days.
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I blogged about this a couple of years ago, when the Wall Street Journal reported that Priority Mail often is slower than First Class. I have an excerpt in my archives, or if you're a subscriber, you can read the full article.

The summary: Priority Mail was slower than it used to be. It may have rebounded since then. First Class mail is often faster, but a huge amount of First Class mail is local so it gets delivered faster anyway.
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In the Domestic Mail Manual, the target for Priority Mail is 2-3 days while First Class is listed as 1-3 days.

Thing is, Priority mail isn't about being faster, it's about being more flexible. First Class can only accept mailpieces up to 13 oz, while Priority mail can handle up to 70 pounds.
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My rule of thumb:

If it's an envelope under 13 oz, it goes first class.

If it's an envelope that absolutely has to get somewhere by x date, it goes Priority or Express.

If it's a package under 10lbs it goes Priority.

If it's a package over 10lbs it goes UPS/FedEx Ground.
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No. I've never had Priority Mail get there faster than regular mail. I might just have bad luck, but at any rate, I don't trust Priority.
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A postal worker (still-gruntled) once told me "Essentially Priority Mail goes in the same bag as First Class. It goes on top inside the bag, but it's still in the same bag."
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Since there is no way to track the Priority Mail package, it goes just the same as First Class - like Vidiot said - same bag.
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I've never sent more than a letter first class. Does it cost more than a priority envelope at $3.70?
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First Class is cheaper than Priority, always. Because you can only send First Class up to 13 oz., which is $3.13 IIRC.

If it's an envelope that absolutely has to get somewhere by x date, it goes Priority or Express.

In my experience, Priority is no faster and often not very fast at all. (I ship daily for my online retail business.) I can tell you stories -- the two weeks it took to send a one pound package to New York from Seattle, etc. My record of slow delivery was exactly 6 months -- Priority Mail to me from someone else, postmarked in March and received in September.

I think Priority is just the equivalent of First Class, but they make people think that if they pay extra to send lightweight things Priority they will get some bonus. Hence, extra cash for the USPS.
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