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[bigfeetlongarmsfilter] I need to find a winter coat for a very tall man.

I've been asked to procure a winter coat for a friend who is a basketball player - he's 7" tall, I think (maybe a bit taller) he told me that he's looking for sizes 3XLT with the T denoting tallness (i.e. it would be longer/have longer arms). Other requests: long (down to his hips) and with a hood and warm. Help hivemind, which retailers, brands carry 3XLT coats/jackets? I would be interested in finding Internet sites as well as particular stores in Washington DC area.
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Casual Male has quite a few coats that meet those criteria.
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I'm 6'4" and I'm seldom seen outside my Land's End Squall Parka. I normally wear a 2XL or LT, but this coat is a plain L and it fits wonderfully, so I think their outerwear sizes run large. Get his measurements and call them to check. They offer this particular item in sizes up to 2XLT, so I think you've got a good chance here.

Oh yes, it's also nearly indestructible. My 1997 edition survived years of compulsive wear, and it's not truly retired yet, just taking a break until I patch the fence-wire gash in the back panel. The 2005 model has more pockets and a better lining, plus more comfortable cuffs with serious snow resistance.
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Speaking as a relatively tall person: If Land's End customizes the fit as they do with so many other items, go with them. Too many coats, etc. made to fit tall people also assume that the wearer is fat in addition. When you say "basketball player" fat doesn't come to mind. I'm 6'4", and I'm not a heavy person, so when I do buy an XL jacket for length it also ends up being very, very baggy - which allows cold air to seep in under the coat. Not to mention it looks bad.
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Something like this parka? Or a N-3B parka from a military surplus place? Alternatively, call up the Wizards.
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I'm with Myself and CLF about Land's End. They've surprised me on numerous occasions with their ability to meet very specialized needs.

On the other hand, he could just make like the Tallest Man in the World and try on a couple dolphins
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I'd completely forgotten about Land's End's custom ordering. It's their busiest time of year, so you might not get sorted by Christmas, but definitely give them a call or use their live chat to see what they can do.
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I have a 48 extra-long trenchcoat purchased at the K&G (or was it Syms?) outlet at Potomac Mills; it wasn't the biggest coat there, either. I'm not sure if the place still exists, though. But I had a hard time finding a winter coat in the area, and I'm a half-foot shorter than your shopper. Another place to try would be the Burlington outlet, at either Potomac Mills or Bailey's Crossroads. I ended up ordering from KingSize, but I was disappointed with the quality. They will have something that fits, though.
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Ha, yeah, that's a great story about the tallest man in the world.

In the netherlands really tall people form a society just for this kind of problem. And I'm with 6' 6' too small for their society.

I doubt that your 7 foot friend will find a good coat in confection although that would be preferable since specialized stores generally lack in style.

The dutch site links to a society of tall people in Toronto which provides links to specialized stores.
So if I were you I would google for a similar society in the US.
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Thank you all for your suggestions. After a fashion consultation with the 'tall man' himself we went with Land's End Squall Parka in black.
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