Volunteering for an HIV/AIDS Organization?
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As part of my Peace Corps application procedure, I have been asked to do some volunteer work with an organization that assists people with HIV and AIDS.

I know that Planned Parenthood in our area works with people who have HIV and AIDS, but I don't know how well someone coming in off the street and saying "I'd like to volunteer for your organization" will work.

What HIV/AIDS organizations are out there that would need and accept volunteers? What organizations might I be overlooking? How do I approach the organizations about volunteering once I find them?

I'm in Fresno, CA.
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Since you're between San Fransico and L.A. you might check with the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and AIDS Project Los Angeles to see if they have programs/sites in Fresno. If not, they can likely suggest Fresno-based programs.
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SF has a ton of HIV/AIDS organizations. And Craigslist, which is huge in SF, has a Volunteers Wanted section. That would probably be a good place to start.
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I found this program "The Living Room" at WestCare:
"WestCare assumed operations of the Living Room, a nonprofit agency in 2003, thus providing WestCare California with an opportunity to develop a full complement of HIV/AIDS-related services in the Fresno community. In addition to offering counseling and related services, The Living Room offers a drop-in center, a food bank, and a hot meals program."
Community Involvement Center - Fresno.
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These are some places listed for your region. Perhaps your regional office can give you information or even set something up (contact info on right side of page). Good luck.
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There's also All About Care in Fresno.
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Most organizations I've volunteered for have been happy to have me walk in off the street. Though usually, I call, and ask to talk with the volunteer coordinator. There's usually a short interview to determine that I'm not a) a crackpot and/or b) a flake who won't show up for a shift.

You might want to find out what kind of volunteer duties the Peace Corps would like you to do - direct client services? Is stuffing envelopes/answering phones enough? Making sandwiches for meals-on-wheels? That way, you can be clear with the organization(s) you're interested in volunteering for, too.
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