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Sharing your music and books and stuff that's on your iPod among different Macs you own: PodWorks is a classic, popular tool. Is there a better, newer software to get the most from your iPod and your Macs or is PodWorks still the way to go? thanks

PodWorks homepage here
btw of course I am talking about perfectly legally obtained music and other stuff, no copyright infringement whatsoever.
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There are a ton of similar products, and I've tried a decent number of them. PodWorks is, IMHO, still the simplest and best. For eight bucks, it's totally worth it.
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I have a nomad jukebox, and use the software by Red Chair for it. I love it. (Creative's software is utter crap.) They recently added an IPOD version for Windows that has similar functionality. I realized that your question was mac specific: but for those of you with Windows and this or other mp3 players, check out red chair.
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Response by poster: thank you very much, mkultra and voil.

I guess I'll stick with PodWorks. which is very good anyway
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