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Is it possible to purchase authentic Kvas around Boston or Chicago?

I've heard that most of the Kvas for sale now is pretty disgusting– more like soda than the real thing. I've only had it once, so I wouldn't be a good judge, but the person I want to buy it for as a gift would definitely be able to tell if it was too far "off." Any sources in Boston (next to the T is a plus) or Chicago would be swell, but an internet source is okay too.
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I would try Armenian grocery stores in Watertown. While they are generally more Western Armenian focused (and therefore more Middle Eastern food oriented), with some post-Soviet Armenians around Watertown now, some of the stores may have it.
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And here are some Froogle results.
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Waban Market, which is within walking distance of the Waban T stop on the Green D Line, carries the largest variety of Kvas I've seen in the Boston area.

In Brookline, you can find Russian Village and Bazaar, both of which are near the Green C Line.

In Allston you can find Berezka, which is located near the Green B Line.

Though I'm not sure what exactly constitutes authentic Kvas, a friend of mine once told me that you should only drink Kvas that comes in a can, and avoid the kind that comes in 2-liter soda bottles.
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I would try the russian grocery store at the Harvard Ave stop of the green B line in Allston. t's right on Comm Ave, next to the McDonalds (dont remember the name, sorry)
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I've heard that most of the Kvas for sale now is pretty disgusting

Well, my wife made it once. "Pretty disgusting" sounds about right.
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