What's the bestest way to self-publish?
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Has anyone used blurb.com? More to the point, what are my options for self-publishing?

I am enamoured of the idea of putting together a hardcover of wedding pictures -- Blurb looks okay, if a bit hard to customise (and the shipping costs to Canada are too steep.) Any other ways to get a hard or softcover, perfect bound 40-60 page book with a very small print run?
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Kevin Kelly compared Blurb & Lulu last week in Cool Tools.
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MetaFilter thread on djb's link.

How to print a book on Ask MetaFilter.
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Ah. Thanks. Good links there -- I missed the Kelly post. Oops.
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I just finished using Blurb - hard to customize compared to typesetting it yourself in Indesign, sure, but there are dozens of page templates and you can alter them a bit, even. The built in themes are decent and you can add photo edges too. I haven't seen my final product yet - a 368 page hard bound book with dust cover! - but I'll let you know how it looks when I get it.

Interestingly, since the Blurb software generates postscript on your end prior to uploading it, you can use your own fonts, and not just the core fonts that they'd have on their RIP. That's a nice addition; a lot of other similar tools (shutterfly, iphoto) don't allow that.
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I do this all the time (as my side business but haven't used Blurb yet. (I like Shutterfly, and I used to like Imagestation. I hate MyPublisher.)

One option (that I use) is to create the pages in Photoshop and then use the full-bleed layout in the photo website templates.
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oops, left off a ) up there... (after business).
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