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thinking of buying a 13-inch apple macbook

from apple store new york city friend bringing it over as hand luggage (to the U.K) at christmas , should i be concerned about anything?
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well there's the risk of having to pay duty at customs when he hits the UK.

in my experience, apple are very good at honouring guarantees on an item bought in one country and used in another. however, you do forfeit the protections offered to you by the UK sale of good act..
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This recent thread might help
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Response by poster: i looked at that thread more to do with sales tax cheers
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Ummm.. then what are you concerned about?
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Also that you could save the cost of sales tax in the US if your friend buys it from Amazon rather than at the NY store ...
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Your keyboard won't have a pound sign on it, and you'll have to buy a plug adaptor. Other than that, you can switch the laptop entirely into British mode in the software.
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Response by poster: nice one chrismear
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Pound sign is option-3. You can buy the Apple international travel kit to have the UK plug in the power block.

If you buy extended Apple Care, buy it in England, as according to the Apple store employee I spoke to, having the paperwork or whatever in your local store makes everything slightly quicker.
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