Looking for a stripper snow globe. Help me find one.
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Looking for a Snow Globe with a stripper in it. Preferably with dollar bills as snowflakes. No luck on ebay so far. Any suggestions where I could find one.
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Is this something you've seen before, or did you just make it up and hope it exists?

Google brings back this (first 2 comments), which leads me to believe they exist in Vegas. E-mail the blogger?

Outside of Vegas and Vegas-related links, it sounds like the sort of thing that Spencers would carry.
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You could also get the Bill Gates snowglobe here (comes with gold "coins" and green "bills") and take it apart, putting in a stripper figurine or photo...
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The closest thing I could find was this Gentlemen Prefer Blondes snowglobe. It's more "chorus girl" than "stripper," though.

Perhaps what you may want to do is email Jen over at Dome-O-Rama. She seems to have a pretty extensive collection.

If all else fails and you're really set on this idea, you could purchase one of those photo snowglobes, furnish it with your favorite stripper image, then remove the stopper and add some dollar sign confetti (as a last resort, of course).
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