Non-Christmas getaway near DC?
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Christmas getaway near DC for people who don't celebrate Christmas?

I'd like to take the gf for a relaxing/romantic getaway for or around Christmas. Being Jewish, we don't celebrate it, so obviously we'd prefer something that won't be too Christmasy. (Decorations and songs are fine, we just don't want it to be a whole Christmas thing.)

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Not sure how far you want to go, but Wintergreen and Massanutten are pretty nice.

For some reason, I am getting 404'rd on Massanutten, but hopefully they will fix it soon.
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The Inn at Little Washington (Washington, VA).
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Thanks for the answers so far.

I meant to add that we're pretty sedentary, so skiing/hiking/etc isn't a big plus.
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Maybe consider Garrett county in west Maryland, spcifically the Deep Creek Lake area. It may be too late to get a reasonably-priced cabin, though, as it's a big skiing destination also.
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I agree with ericb. The Inn at Little Washington
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St. Michael's, Maryland
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The Inn at Little Washington is supposed to be incredible. It is also astonishingly expensive and popular, so you should keep that in mind.
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Wherever you decide to stay, try and plan out some nice DC type events.


-930 club concert/Black Cat Concert: intimate venues which usually host a variety of nice acts (Trey Anastasio the 26th, which is soldout unfortunately...maybe CL?)

-dinning options:
depends how much dough you want to shell out, but here are some excellent dc eats:
French- M.R. Citronelle (dont miss it) $$$$
La Chaumiere $$.5
Montmartre $$.5
Italian- Galilleo $$$$
Sette Osteria $$
Il Tiramisu $$$$
Obelisk $$$
Cafe Milano (quality dip but great loc) $$$.5
Amici Miei (suburbs) $$
Misc- CityZen (Chinese) $$$$

-A nice night on the ocean front
-Georgetown is usually beautiful during the hollidays
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