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Help me find a blog about a British man who snorts cocaine and enjoys prostitutes. There's

I remember reading a blog a couple years back about a man living in an apartment in London. The post I read was about his experience one night getting drugs and calling an escort from an ad in the paper.

It's surprising how much I'm starting to recall...
He'd been getting cocaine from prostitutes in the past when one finally gave him her dealer's business card. He recalls the pleasant experience buying cocaine because the dealer came to his flat in a nice car and was very professional.
Also, the girl he called that night turned out to be a college student who placed the ad to piss off her boyfriend but actually went through with it.

I also remember something about him taking quick breaks from the girl and snorting off of a CD case in his kitchen so she wouldn't find out.

Obviously I'm skeptical about the honesty of this blog, but it was a fun read.
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Can't help, but that sounds intriguing. I'm going to watch this thread...
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I had read something similar about a British man living in Hong Kong - but I never bookmarked the link.

It's one thing to live vicariously via reading "raunchy" blogs - it's another having your wife peak over your shoulder while you read about someone doing drugs and calling escorts... ;-)
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What kind of language is used in the blog? e.g., does he say cocaine and prostitutes, or blow and hos?

Any memories of the url? e.g., vs. com? Or personal domain name vs. ?????

Any random details could help... (name of the guy, kind of car the dealer drove, etc.)

I'm guessing you would have posted if you remembered, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask...
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Response by poster: sentient: That's the thing - it's been so long since I read it (maybe 2+ years) and only had one sitting with it before it was lost that I can't remember any specific words. I'm pretty sure it was one of the large blogging domains (it may very well have been found after repeated hits on blogger's 'next random blog' button).

But seeing as it may not be found any time soon, are there any other blogs that MeFites frequent in the same vein? Anything you'd like to share, jkaczor? We won't tell your wife, promise ;)
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Don't think this is the exact blog you're looking for, but you can usually find similar stories in VICE. Here's one: Orgasmo
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Hmm. I did find this: "Diary of a London Cokehead", but I don't think it's the one that you describe....
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