Name this Viking punishment.
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Which Viking torture / punishment involved progressively severing segments of the limbs?

I remember reading somewhere about a punishment or form of extended execution practiced amongst the Old Norse or Germanic peoples that involved cutting off the victim's fingertips, then the fingers, then the hands, then the forearms and then the upper arms. Ditto for the legs. I think they salved or tied off the stumps to prevent bleeding to death before the punishment could be meted out completely. I seem to remember that some, if not all of those tortured in this manner were allowed, or even required to live as a further humiliation.

What was the name of the punishment, and what was the victim pejoratively labelled after it was complete?
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Death by a thousand cuts. It's in Wikipedia.
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But it's not Viking, it's Chinese: ε‡Œι²/ε‡ŒθΏŸ.
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Are you thinking of the Blood Eagle? It's how Edmund, King of East Anglia, was killed in 870. The process didn't involve systematic cutting off of limbs but did involve bleeding to death. Here's the Wikipedia link.
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That's the Chinese one, calhound.
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Tangentially related, but you should read the account of the viking funeral in this (excellent) book.
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"Your ears you keep and I'll tell you why!..."

Not helpful. Sorry.
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I've heard of the Blood Eagle punishment and this one's definitely distinct.

Unfortunately I can't remember where I read about this ritual. It could have been in an academic historical text or in something like The Eaters of the Dead, so the practice could simply have been invented by a single author.

If it helps, I believe that the humiliated victims were stigmatised with a label which sounded something like the deity 'Heimdallr.'
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SlyBevel: I just realised where you quoted that from. Made me smile.

Black Spring: Sorry, I'm all out. I studied Old Norse for a bit (albeit badly) and I never heard of anything like this in the sagas.
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I think SlyBevel has it.
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Drop. Your. Sword.

Sorry, sorry. *grin*
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"You were bluffing! I knew it! I knew he was... bluffing."
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Orson Scott Card has this in a story in "Maps in a Mirror" or whatever his short story collection is called. I think it was called "King's Meat."
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Never heard of this, and I've got a lot of study in on the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

As the wikipedia article points out, there is some controversy about the blood eagle, and if it actually ever happened.
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