Kid's Party In Chicago?
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Does anyone know of a good place to throw a birthday party for a 6-year old girl in Chicago?

Our condo is too small. In the past we've done Chucky Cheese's, A local health club that did parties for kids (big mistake) and rented rooms. This year we'd like to do something a little smaller in the city proper. Any suggestions for smaller mom & pop type places? Any ideas are welcome.
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American Girl Place?
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Not necessarily mom & pop, but we just had a party for our daughter at Build a Bear Workshop and I was very pleased with it. I'd definitely do one there again. I'm sure there's a branch in Chicago.
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Not exactly small (or inexpensive...), but Fantasy Kingdom is a pretty awesome place for a six year old's birthday party.
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All my daughter wanted for her 6th birthday was to get a limo ride for a few of her friends to take her to a nice restaurant. If she's into American Girl, the restaura

Not sure what your budget is, but the Shedd does birthdays. I'm sure some of the other museums do too (like the Children's Museum).

Hyde Park Art Center does birthday parties (much cheaper than the Shedd, too).

It's not a mom & pop shop, but my daughter adores the Rainforest Cafe in all its tacky glory. And they do do parties.
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Urk. Don't know what happened there.

"the restaur" = "the restaurant is pint-size pretention, but girls love it."
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The fire station near our house (in Maryland) rents out a large room in exchange for a $150ish (tax-deductible) donation for up to 12 kids. They get firehats and the stop, drop and roll spiel, and then a couple minutes up close with all the engines. We did for our son's 4th year party there and it was such a success that we did it again the next year (the girls loved it as much as the boys).

Some other options: bowling, gyms.
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I'll add my vote for American Girl. If your little girl is into dollies at all, it's heaven.

We've gone there for 2 birthdays for my little girl, and she asks about it for the rest of the year ("Yes, honey, just 9 months to go.")
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Science and Industry

Field Museum

When I was a nerdy six-year old in Chicago either of those would have been my dream (or the zoo, but I think it might be a little cold for that).

Not that your daughter is nerdy.
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There's a Build-A-Bear at Navy Pier.
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How about a birthday party at a bead store? Would a 6 year old like to string her own necklace? I don't know of any off-hand in Chicago, but they're all mom and pop, and I bet if you call around you could find one that offers parties. Also, it isn't mom and pop, but I ran into a birthday party at Joann fabrics (on Elston) full of girls that age. I don't know what they were making, but it sounded like they were having a blast.
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