Exercises I can do while cashiering?
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Exercises I can do while cashiering?

So I got my first job as a cashier and I like it, but standing for so long leaves my back and shoulders aching by the end of the day. Also when it's slow it gets kind of boring. So I'm looking for exercises or stretches I can do that don't look too strange and can be done in the small space I have. I have approx. 5x3 feet of floor space and a wall about 4.5ft. tall behind me I can use for support. Ideas?
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Calf Exercises- Go up and down on your feet. Also, put the front of your foot on the wall with your heel on the floor to stretch it out.
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One that I did while cashiering is keeping one foot flat and lifting first only the heel and then only the toe of the other foot -- stretches your legs nicely.

I might also try a simple balance exercise -- stand on one foot, hold your other foot just an inch off the ground slightly in front of you (or in back, or move it around while carefully balanced on the other).

These come to mind as my least strange looking exercises. I hope other people can some up with more.
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Calf exercises are good. I'd also suggest wrist exercises to keep them limber (since you use the wrists a lot as a cashier). Try to stretch them out by pushing your fingers towards the upside of your wrist. Also a lot of wrist rotations, both clockwise and counterclockwise.
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If something (a wall, a jacket, etc.) is covering your butt while you stand there, practice squeezing your glutes. First the left, release, then the right, release, repeat. Or just the right repeatedly, or just the left repeatedly, or both together.

If something (a loose shirt, a jackets, etc.) is covering your stomach, try belly rolls -- tighten your upper abs, then your lower abs, in an undulating motion. Try moving it up-to-down and down-to-up.

Bonus: both of these exercises will make you a better bellydancer. Thank goodness!
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Make sure your posture is good:
  • slightly bend your knees
  • pull your gut in
  • keep your shoulders back

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Do a few of these each time you get up to go the copy

machine or file cabinet.

Standing hamstring curls. (Sort of like kicking yourself in the butt with your heel.)

Squats (Do properly so you don’t hurt your knees.)

Wall or desk pushups. Do these with varying hand positions to work different parts of your chest muscles.
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The top half of the yoga eagle pose is great for stretching your upper back, and can be done while in between customers.
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I second Kegels :x the most descrete thing you can do while working..
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