Colorizing Text Editor for DOS?
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Does anyone know of a text editor for DOS that does syntax coloring?

Yes, DOS. I know this is the 21st century and all, but I have a special need. Thanks.
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vim for dos.
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(Although the 16-bit dos version seems to omit syntax coloring... Hopefully 32-bit with DPMI works for your purposes.)
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There is a DOS version of VIM if you are into that kind of thing here. I'm pretty sure emacs can also run in DOS, though its not obvious to me from the download site (here) which file is the right download.
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doh, too slow.
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Elvis may be another option for you.
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gVIM will be easier to use for someone new to VIM.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, but my apologies for not being more detailed. Definitely needs to be plain old 16-bit DOS (no extenders nor DPMI), and the syntax coloring is for C (assembly language would be a bonus).
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Beyond the vi clones, several others are mentioned on this Free software for DOS page, including MicroEmacs, JED, SETEdit, FTE, FED, TDE, and ZED.
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allelopath writes "Ultraedit"

Have you tried it on 16 bit dos? Their download page says it isn't even supported under Win95.
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Can you get your hands on TurboC?
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Hey, that's a great idea, aubilenon. Turbo C 2.01 is a free download from Borland. Would that work for your purposes?
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