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Can I use a standard HDMI cable on the Playstation 3, or does one end have a proprietary connector so I have to buy the $99 Monster PS3 HDMI cable? (the only brand in stock near me.)
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It's a standard HDMI port
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Don't buy Monster cables! is really cheap. Even target and walmart sell cheap, perfectly good cables.
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Also, keep in mind that since HDMI is a digital signal, companies like Monster who try to sell you an ULTRA PREMIUM HD cable or whatever are just trying to take more of your money.
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The only time cable quality really matters much with HDMI and DVI is when you're doing a long cable run. Anything above about 25 feet becomes quite difficult to manufacture, and thus quite expensive. The timing tolerances are very tight. All the signals have to arrive at very nearly the same time. The longer the cable, the more a slight difference in conductor quality has time to affect the signal, so the better the cable has to be made.

Assuming you're 10 feet or under, you can use almost any piece of crap. And keep in mind that a digital cable, when it's failing, will do so in some kind of highly visible way. If the picture looks fine, it's fine. Digital failure tends to be all-or-nothing. It's binary... it works or it doesn't work. :) If your cable isn't good enough, you'll know in very short order.
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HDMI is HDMI. Monoprice (as previously mentioned) has them around $4 for a 1.5ft or $6 for 3ft, and they work great.
posted by mphuie at 8:04 PM on December 4, 2006 is a great spot to get the cables you would pay 100 bucks for at a retailer for around 10 dollars. The in-store mark up on crap like that is ridiculous.
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