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Hardbound photo books interfaced with an API? I have the photos and the descriptions on my own scratchbuilt gallery thing and want to use an API to generate one of them hardbound photo books -- maybe you know of a route? (a few withing)

The best bet I've come up with at this point would be either:

a) Run the mess into a Flickr pro account (which I don't now have) in order to have Qoop do the layout for me -- the later integrates nicely with the former which has a very nice API. Downside: Qoop only does softbound books and the privledge of using Flickr's API would run me $25/yr.

b) Run the mess into, like, RTF and shlep it thence into PDF and off to someone like Lulu for the printing and binding happiness. Lulu will more than do the magic for me, but oy -- the conversion headaches.

A few previous asks give some pointers to Other Software, but since I've already got the images with captions and organized, it would be a major pain in the ass to reduplicate that work...
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Kevin Kelly recommended blurb recently for photo books. I can't see that blurb's software exposes a programming interface, though it might be worth a look.
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