Water leaking into my car from outside
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Water is leaking into the back seat of my '92 Toyota Camry when it rains. I suspect a clogged drain in driver's front door but I don't know how to confirm this and unclog it.

I noticed a month ago or so that water was trapped inside the driver's door panel. When I swing the door back and forth or make a sharp turn I can hear it slosh around. After a very heavy rain, there was a puddle of water on the back seat floor (driver's side) about 3 inches deep. The passenger back seat floor was also a little wet but not nearly as much. I park on an incline so it is possible that the water flowed downhill from the driver's door into the back seat.

When I opened the drivers door, water started trickling out through the bottom of the door - there was a lot trapped inside. The flow stopped before the door was empty and I had to shake the door back and forth to get it flowing again, but it didn't work too well and I eventually stopped. None of the other doors show any sign of having water trapped inside.

I just spent a bunch of money on unrelated repairs (brakes) and I don't want to pay for more repairs if I can help it. I called a place that adversited 'water leak repairs' and he wants a minimum 2 hours at $75 per for diagnosis, plus parts and labor to fix the problem. I looked online and found a thread somewhere that suggested the door drains might be clogged. I looked at the door but I couldn't identify any drains. What do they look like? How could I unclog them? Any other ideas?
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Best answer: Here.
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Response by poster: Huh. No wonder I couldn't find the drain - it was covered with a camoflage of mod.

We'll see what happens next time it rains!
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