Umbilical Cords and Multiples
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How do umbilical cords work with twins? Triplets? Quadruplets? Do they come out like a string of pearls? What about puppies and kittens: do they come out with umbilical cords? The whole litter?
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I don't understand exactly what you're asking.

As a kid, I used to watch baby piglets being delivered on my grandmothers farm. It was usually an all-night affair. The piglets would come out one at a time, spaced apart sometimes by as much as an hour or so.

Of course, they each had their own umbilical cord which we severed. The umbilical cord is an individual attachment to the mother.
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It depends on whether the kids are arranged in series or in parallel.
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" Identical twins often share the same placenta, usually have separate amniotic sacs, and always have their own umbilical cord. Nonidentical twins have separate placentas, amniotic sacs, and umbilical cords." -

Kittens and puppies are similar to nonidentical twins apparently: "one placenta for each kitten" - kittening, part I

all courtesy of google.

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adrober, are you thinking children come out arrayed like a SCSI chain? I swear I'm not making fun, but: ha!!

Thanks for the grin.
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Well we were watching "sex and the city" last night and Charolette's dog had pups and they all came out and I was like: "When dogs give birth do the puppies have umbilical cords?" And everyone stared at me kinda stunned. "Are they all connected?" Everyone shushed me.

But thanks to AskMeFi my (admittedly stupid) question has been answered. :)
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