How can I stop an automatic adobe download?
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How can I stop an automatic adobe download? Every time I boot up my computer I get a prompt to download Adobe version 7.0. I already have it on my machine and I use windows XP. I’ve tried to initiate the download, to get rid of the prompt, and I get a message that you already have this version on your machine and the download stops. I’ve tried to uninstall version 7.0 and reinstall it and that doesn’t work either. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Here's one thing you could do:

Go to start > run, and type in "msconfig". Go to the startup tab. You'll see a list of stuff that launches at startup. If anyone of these look like they might be that adobe downloader, disable it. This should make it go away.

It might be that the next time you launch anything else from adobe, that adobe downloader will be enabled at startup again, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Also, if the problem is with Adobe Acrobat reader, I'd recommend switching to FoxIt pdf reader. It's faster, and doesn't have a crappy downloader.
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Open Adobe 7, go to Edit/Preferences/Startup and disable 'Show messages and automatically update'.
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Also in Edit/Preferences go to Updates and disable 'Display notification dialog at Startup'
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Adobe what?
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Adobe what, indeed. I know this is not the question, but I far prefer the freeware Foxit PDF reader to Acrobat -- it's faster, for one thing. There are freeware PDF writers too, such as PDFCreator.
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also check your startup directory. i recently fixed an annoying quicktime scheduled upgrade that way.
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Foxit Reader is the bomb, as stated above - opens PDFs about twice as fast, it's lightweight, there's a mobile version and it's free with no update nags or anything else.
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Sorry -- adobe reader 7.02
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