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When did the Bush administration first introduce the word "homeland" into their vocabulary?

Was it first used in association with the Department of Homeland Security, or did they phase it in before that? Any relevant links would also be helpful.
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As best as i can tell, from this site, the word was introduced on 20 Sep 2001, during the Declaration of War on Terrorism, in which he announces the Department of Homeland Security.
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Salon article from October, 2001
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The earliest reference I found was a recommendation by a bipartisan congressional committee to create a "National Homeland Security Department" (Executive Summary of U.S. Commission on National Security Report) . The report is dated January 31, 2001.

By the way, I found this by searching Google Groups. It's a great tool for discovering when the first reference of a term appeared, since you can search by date range.
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The Trouble With "Homeland"

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Fascinating question...I had always wondered the same thing, since "homeland" just sounds very Third Reich-ish to me. The Jan 2001 reference is particularly interesting, as I had only ever heard it post-9/11, when it seemed to creep into the national lexicon overnight.
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The earliest use I'm aware of was in the Hart Rudman Commission report, circa 1999.

America will become increasingly vulnerable to hostile attack on our homeland, and our military superiority will not entirely protect us.
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Using homeland to refer to your country has been done for a very long time. But using it in the sense that the Bush administration does is a very recent occurance. It's the product of political marketing I'm sure.
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Searching the whitehouse site, this is the earliest I can find Bush mentioning the homeland.
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Hmmm, where did my comment from last night go?

I was agreeing with someone else, who stated that the word Homeland made him/her think of Nazis.
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