Staff Christmas Gift
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I have to buy a unisex gift for a staff Christmas party with a budget of $5. Any suggestions? I’ve never had such a low budget to work with, and am coming up blank. FWIW I’m in Canada.
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keychain flashlight
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Everyone loves a Slinky!

(I've done this, and it was very successful).
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Maybe I should clarify that I bought Slinkies for adults in their 30s for a departmental Xmas party.
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I assume it is some sort of Secret Santa thingy, and you won't know who the recipient is and the present won't have your name on it? I had to do this last year. Hit the Loonie store and found a coffee cup that had some sort of office humour on it (This cup can also be used as a weapon). $4.99. Pretty much everyone drinks coffee or tea so that is safe.

Or candy.
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Gift card to a nearby coffee shop or cheap, lunch-y restaurant (and maybe a promise to go pick their order up, whenever they want).
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single page calendars are running about $5 on cafepress; I bought one (made with my own photos!) for an office holiday party.
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coffee mug filled with candy?
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If you do candy, do KinderSurprise. This would work better if you weren't in Canada and couldn't get them any old day.
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exceed your budget, this time it's not going on your permanent record
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Maybe make up a winter car kit? An ice scraper, a packet of disposable hand warmers and a spray lock de-icer (couldn't find it on the Canadian Tire site, but they're like $1.50)?

ruby.aftermath's idea is good too -- Timmy Ho's might be a safe bet because $5 will actually buy something there.
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I've twice bought a vibrating massager bug for this purpose. Both times for less than $5 though I also added batteries. They are great if you debox them, wrap them up in bubble wrap except for the switch which is the nose, then put them in a cloth gift bag. People are drawn to the unusual gift bag and invariably activate the switch while handling it which generates either shock or embarrassment.
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'Lotto Super 7' scratch tickets!
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rubick's cube
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A book of Sudoku puzzles.
Two decks of playing cards.
Barrel of Monkeys game.
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Tiny bottles of booze :)

Okay, really...Blockbuster is always good. They have those up north, right?
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xmas tree decoration.
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Go look at Lots of cheap fun stuff. I don't know if they ship to Canada or not but it will give you ideas.
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Cheapass Games.
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i really like the rubik's cube and barrel of monkeys ideas
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