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I have a customer that is using a document imaging system that has a web search capability. They are having issues opening the images...of course there's

The system is a SQL backend with a client. They also have a browser based search capability that will allow them to query the database and get a result list. When they click on an item in the list, it only gives them the option to Save or Cancel...no open. If they hit the same application on MY server, when they click an item, it gives them Open, Save and Cancel.

What in either Pearl or IIS would prevent the Opne option from showing up?
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Response by poster: Oh, one other thing...they are using Server 2003 and I have Server 2000...I am guessing it has to do with MIME Types???
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HTTP headers.

Um... grep your source code for the string "Content-Dispostion". Whatever's doing it will be within a few lines of that.

(With IIS you can set the content-disposition within the management interface, too, I think).
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I think you meant "Content-Disposition" not "Content-Dispostion".

But yes, it might also be MIME-types set on the server. The two servers presumably have different settings for whatever extension the files have.
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