Where can I order flowers online to be shipped to Toronto?
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Where can I order flowers online to be shipped to Toronto?

It's the two year anniversary of my girlfriend and I, and unfortunately she's going to be at school still in Toronto, only arriving here (South America) a few days later.

I want to purchase 2 dozen roses, and have them sent to her dorm.Her postal code is M2J 5G3. The catch is the website needs to accept either an American, or International credit card.

I tried 1800flowers.com, but their 18 and 24 rose sets are for some reason unable to send to her postal code.

Ive never really had to do this before so I don't have many ideas. Maybe someone in/around Toronto can suggest a local store with an online presence?
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You can order directly from Teleflora. I entered the postal code in to see what would happen and the order was accepted. Teleflora also recommended four local shops that you may want to check out.

Ivy Leaf
Frost Florist
Flowers By Felicia
Aprile Florist
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Try these guys - Tidy's Flowers.
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Flower Accents has a location right near where your girlfriend studies. Your best bet, however, may be placing it over the phone to ensure that it gets delivered properly. Hope it helps!
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My sister is a florist signed up with Teleflora. At the stop she is required to push orders through their system, which peels money away from your flowers. She gets her cut for accepting the order, Teleflora gets their cut, and that comes out of the money that goes into the actual arrangement. In private she tells her friends to call up the local shop directly and have them run your credit card over the phone. You'll get more flowers for your money.
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Brant Florist is another one... not directly in T.O. though...

They're located in a suburb of Toronto (Burlington) but they do great work.
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