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I'm looking for downloadable music my friends haven't heard. They're not geeky, so myspace and such are excellent sources. Tell me about your favorite undiscovered tunes.

I have, naturally, listened to everything on mefi music and gathered some great stuff. That led me to jerree small, and I started scouring her friends list, but that limits my genre.

Yes, it's for a holiday mixed disk. I want to introduce my friends to stuff they can't buy at the local mainstream music shop. I'm interested in just about anything (yes, even that stuff you think is too weird to mention), and in any case, I'd like others to be able to use this post to find new music, so if you love it, post it.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: can you maybe repost this as less "what's your favorite x" chatfilter? this is sort of open ended.

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Um... Overbroad much? Chatfilter much?

I've made a couple of music blog posts full of psych and African music that's generally unavailable.

If you'd like local bands (here) that are worth picking up through the internet, yet no one near you is likely to know them—

Nomo: Afro free jazz
Saturday Looks Good To Me: Motown meets indie swoon
Charlie Slick: Synth pop fights zombies
Dabenport: Country shoegaze ballads
Matt Jones: Accoustic folk done indie
Chris Bathgate: More accoustic pop
Jim Roll: Alt-Country with words by contemporary authors (like the guy who wrote Jesus' Son, whose name I forget, and that boasting guy from McSweeney's).
The Avatars: Classic rock 'n' roll.

If you really want more, feel free to email me.
Oh, and check out Ze's Christmas album.
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There's some tracks here on my site that are from excellent and, in some cases, little-known bands.

Some of my favorite albums bought this year:

Why's Elephant Eyelash
Nina Nastasia's On Leaving
Heartless Bastards' Stairs and Elevators
Dirty Projectors' Getty Address
Devendra Banhart's Cripple Crow
Thee Shallows' Shark vs. Monkey & More Deep Cuts

Some of these bands or their labels have full tracks for you to download or you can sample most of these bands free at emusic and if you sign up there you get 50 free full tracks.
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Check out this mp3-blog search engine, The Hype Machine

In other news, flagging this as chatfilter. As is, there's no question here, and while "I'd like others to be able to use this post to find new music, so if you love it, post it" is a common motivation, as an explicit expression it's not a beat I can dance to.
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I disagree. A question about finding some new music, freely available is a perfect use of AskMe. I have found some great music in AskMe before and am hoping to find some in this post, which I have just marked favorite.
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Singing Fish can also be used to find MP3s, once you know the band's name.
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Except for there is not a single question asked in the whole post. So it's not a question, just an invitation for everyone to lump in a bunch of random "obscure" music that may or may not be of any use to the poster.
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Response by poster: there's no question here

I am making a very specific type of mixed CD for my friends. This post will give me very specific examples of songs I can use. While I am not completely unable to accomplish this task myself, it is a big universe, and it would be extremely difficult to eliminate the chaff without knowledgable recommendations.

I fail to see how there is no problem to be solved here.
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Also, Danko Jones makes straight up rock and has a full album worth of tracks on their site. Steve Koven Trio makes jazz and has a full live album for free as well as some other tracks. Both self-links.
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I'll be the first to admit I'm not the one to listen to - I'm just discovering these bands, but that doesn't mean the whole world doesn't already know about them:

Mucca Pazza
Mike Doughty
Silversun Pickups
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Response by poster: On second thought, it broadness of the question must make it seem chatfiltery. I apologize for that. Truth is, it's very difficult for me to limit genre, as my tastes are wide-ranging. I don't like rap, if that helps.
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The Capstan Shafts (actually one person, Dean Wells) put his new EP on
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Department of Eagles.
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Hello Nurse
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A band called Acroma (the album's called Orbital). Porcupine Tree and Depswa are two other great bands you not have heard of.
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you not have heard of.

You know what I mean.
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