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I'm looking for simple, spare, classy Mac icons—I'm tired of looking at the stuff in my dock. I'd like to replace everything with some icons that are cool and unified, but not fancy. There are lots of sites out there that have icon sets, but I'd like some specific suggestions. Thanks!

Oh yeah, and this has to be free.
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Hide's Icons.
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Response by poster: Those have a definite System 7 feel. I'm looking for something a little less cartoony.
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Response by poster: Also, I need them to be somewhat more obvious. The icon should obviously be for iTunes, Preview, Word, Photoshop, and so on.
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I collected a ton of cool stuff when I got a new Mac this year. Email me at Hotmail and I will send you a zip file.
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I'm a fan of the Puft icons, which are about as spare as you can get.
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Response by poster: Alternately, I could make them myself if anyone could tell me how to create images on Photoshop that are not square—i.e., suppose I wanted a small irregular circle for something. How do I make that on Photoshop so it doesn't automatically have a square or rectangular space around it?
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Response by poster: Those are closer to what I was looking for, stefnet.
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I love the various SNOW icons designed by Sascha Hoehne.
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Best answer: Try the icon factory. They have a *lot* of free ones, which you might not immediately notice. Do a search, dig around, have some fun.
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Best answer: has a shiftload of free icons, screensavers, etc. Some browsing led me to the following, which you might find appealing. Only the first set is app-specific, but it might be fun to customize the others:
- SY Black
- Letter Tiles
- Marblicious
- Think Different Stamps
- Flat White Bezels
Also, here's a replacement set for the Safari icon only, but it's quite something:
- Safari
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Here's a list of icon sites, a large number of which have excellent Mac icons.

(via Aqua-Soft, a community for people who customize their PCs to look like Macs, and their Macs to look completely freakin' awesome. The linked thread has been in existence a long time, so do note that some of the sites may be defunct—but a fair number should still be "in business," so to speak.)
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How do I make that on Photoshop so it doesn't automatically have a square or rectangular space around it?

You can't, technically. What you can do is create a mask that's in the shape you want. A selection is a type of mask for these purposes, so if you make a circular selection, copy it, and paste it into a Get Info window, you should get a circular icon with no background. If you want a more sophisticated mask (for transparency, drop shadows, etc.) you have to draw it separately.
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Take a look at the "Black and Blue" icon set. It's beautifully done, and it's amazing how a more limited color palette can add an air of class to the dock. The whole collection is spread out in several sub-sets on various icon sites. This site at DeviantArt is a good place to start:
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If you don't make your own, I second deviantart. Just pilfer around the site and you can find all sorts of really good ones.
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PMJIH, but having all your icons in the same color scheme, while perhaps more attractive, may be less functional, especially when scanning the dock. The more distinct the icons, the faster you can home in on them. I noticed one day that half the icons in my dock looked like blue globes, and I'm pretty sure that slowed down my ability to pinpoint the one that I want, by some small but significant amount.

Also, the Iconfactory (linked above) sells a Photoshop plugin for creating icons, which (I believe) includes all the masking fanciness.
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Anything by mattahan over at DA. Go, now.
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Here's a selection of his GANT sets (1-3) as an IconPackager file, with permissions. Dig it. Death to Aqua!
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Response by poster: All right, thanks, everyone.
posted by interrobang at 8:18 AM on November 30, 2006

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