Do any pro athletes blog?
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Are there any professional athletes that maintain a blog during the sports season?

I am looking for NFL, NHL, MLB or NBA athlete blogs specifically and not the training diaries of olympic athlete, boxers or golfers. Any tips?
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John Rodriguez of the St. Louis Cardinals was blogging, at least during the playoffs.

Sadly, it's part of the MLB publicity factory and isn't very interesting. There aren't many Mark Cubans out there.
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Nate Robinson blogs over here. It can be randomly interesting at times.
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Not quite a blog, but Curt Shilling of the Red Sox frequently posts to the Sons of Sam Horn message board.
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Not an athlete, but former goalie and current local Dallas Stars commentator Daryl Reaugh keeps a (lighthearted) blog officially on the Stars Website. has three blogs that are sparsely-to-never updated by Gilbert Arenas, Chris Kaman, and Jerry Stackhouse.
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Pat Neshek of the Minnesota Twins has a very interesting blog, and seems like a genuinely nice guy.
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Any answer to this question would be incomplete without a link to Paul Shirley's blogs. Shirley briefly wrote two blogs during his time as a benchwarmer for the Phoenix Suns in 2005, one chronicling the playoffs (see link) and another concerning an earlier roadtrip (can be linked to from the playoff blog). They are among the most witty and insightful pieces of writing by an athlete that I've encountered. Shirley also wrote an extended blog for, which again showed off his sparkling wit, and revealed a more sensitive, introspective side. Unfortunately, as is the case for so much of espn's quality material lately, you need to be a member to access it.

Though Shirley is not currently blogging, if you're looking for fine sports blogs from the athlete's perspective, you could do worse than to read his stuff.
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The quarterback dude from the steelers that had that motorcycle accident had a blog during the last season (his name escapes me). It was on typepad.
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Mathowie is talking about Ben Roethlisberger. I'm just here to second the Paul Shirley links. I believe he's writing a book as well.
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Jody Gerut kept one about 3 years ago.
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heh. gilbert arenas complains that he dont get free ps3's and wii's DESPITE NOT ASKING on his blog. wouldnt recommend the blog though.
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Russian tennis pro Dmitri Tursunov wrote a popular blog for the players' union* during a tournament last spring in Estoril, Portugal. He's pretty droll, especially since English isn't his first language.
*Other ATP pros' blogs here.
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Ben Gordon of the Chicago Bulls has a blog on, and he occasionally blogs on his Myspace page as well.

Ricky Williams' website no longer exists, but you can find some of his old journal entries via

Quite a few NFL players have journals here, although most only update sporadically.
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Evan Tanner, the UFC fighter has a fascinating blog.
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Moritz Volz of Fulham.
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Baseball player C.J. Nitkowski
Former MLB pitcher, broadcaster and manager Larry Dierker has a blog and now a website
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NNY Mets 3B David Wright has a blog.
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