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Tattoo parlours of New Zealand: Which?

I'm going on a holiday in New Zealand next week, and I've decided I'd like to get a new tattoo done while I'm there. My experiences of tattoo parlours in Australia is that there are two sorts: scary, biker-run ones, and friendly, new-age hippy ones. My previous experiences with New Zealand suggest that the former may be more common there. So do any locals have any reccomendations of a friendly, clean, inexpensive shop? I will be in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Bay of Islands, and Rotorua, and am looking to have a simple, black, pacific-islander design done (not, however, with the traditional method!)
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I had one done a fortnight ago at a place on Cuba Street in Wellington called 'Tattoo City' (of all things). They're very clean and friendly (provided you don't ask for a cartoon character). One of the artists does excellent Maori designs, too. I don't know if they're especially cheap - how strong is your dollar? But I was pleased with the price of mine.

The LotRs cast had their tattoos done up the road, at Roger's Tattoo Parlour, if that's of interest.
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Response by poster: Cool, I'll check them out! Dollar isn't bad, I'd be looking at something I'd pay about $100 in Australia for, which might be about $120 NZ, all else being equal. Thanks for the warning re: cartoon characters though - I had been pondering having the devil's fan-boy done ;)
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Mine cost $80, and is only 2cm x 3cm. But then six colours went into it, and I imagine that raises the price a bit. $120 would get you what you want, I should think - simple, and decidedly Pacifika.

Devil's Fan-Boy would be acceptable - but I can tell you that the Tasmanian Devil would get you laughed at. And rightly so. ;)
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