How to Download a movie trailer?
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How to download a movie trailer?

Okay. So I'm not the smartest kid on the block. I need to download the Charlotte's Web full trailer, and can't seem to find a direct link. Sure, I can watch it - but how do I download the whole thing? If someone could provide a direct link for the entire file in WMV , I would appreciate it......

Please, I know this easy. Be gentle with me.
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You can try keepvid....

Put the page address in the top and it should give you a link to the actual video. It seems to work fine for most video feeds...
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Try these...



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Don't know about WMV, but here's how to get the QuickTime version.

1. Go to the page for the trailer on Apple's site.
2. Click the link for the version and size you want.
3. View the source code for the page.
4. Search the source for ".mov". There's your direct link.
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Alternately if you have Quicktime Pro, you can click on the little downward-facing arrow on the right side of the scrub bar in at the bottom of the movie area, and click "Save as Source."
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Well guys he did ask for .wmv. Personally, I think the Quicktime ones always look better, but he did ask.

The direct links, if you can call them that, for the Windows Media versions are:

Trailer #1: mms://
Trailer #2: mms://
Trailer #3: mms://

To download files from mms: URLs, you need a standalone program like Stream Down. I downloaded those three streams and put them in a RAR archive here if you don't have a stream downloading program.
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Response by poster: ah! thanks, all!
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The Video Downloader plugin for Firefox does all the work for you. If you are on a page that has a video you want, just click the icon on the bottom, and voila, downloaded video.
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jjg: just searching for .mov points to a redirector file, it's not the entire trailer itself, such as for the purpose of downloading locally and playing offline.

I've got a little guide I made up for how to rip Apple trailers.

My favorite mms downloader is SDP.
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