French connection?
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How can I locate a retailer to purchase this product not sold in the U.S.?

Several years ago I purchased an intoxicating "home perfume" from a local housewares store. After repeatedly searching for a replacement bottle, I recently sent the French distributor an email inquiring where I may purchase a new bottle. I received a reply stating that they don't sell to private parties and that they no longer have retailers in the U.S. When I sent a request for a list of retailers with whom I may do business with, I received no reply...d@#n French f@<%ers!!

Anyone have any ideas where I may find this item? The website is This may just be the distributor(?), because the bottle is labeled "Le Jardinier Parfumeur" The item is under the heading of Senteurs d'interieur, which I think translates to "interior scent"? The particular Senteurs d'interieur that I want is "Jardin En Toscane". Thanks for any leads, I'm jonesing for this stuff.
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Response by poster: Here's the link.
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Here's a Canadian distibutor...
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Response by poster: Thanks for the link misteraitch. However, that's a distributor and I suspect they won't sell to me. I did however drop them an email to inquire.
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If it's something you find out can be easily found in Toronto, I wouldn't mind picking it up and mailing it to you... I'm not sure how that could be arranged so we trust each other, but we can discuss it if it happens. I'll favourite the thread and check back.

I also emailed the distributor you posted, in French... maybe that will get a better response.
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Googling for "interior scents" turned up a few links, including one to the Fragrance Foundation, an industry group. You might email them with your question and see what guidance they have about retailers and options; my darling girlfriend works for an industry trade association in another field and I know she gets questions like this all the time.
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