What was Veritas' maintenance policy as of 1997? Do you have a copy?
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How can I find copies of the policy and documents, current as of the late 1990s, applicable to support and maintenance provided by Veritas?

Specifically, I am trying to find out whether the policy included language about the consequences of the discontinuation (and subsequent renewal) of maintenance.
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I don't have any documentation to back it up, but I seem to remember that in order to renew a lapsed maintenance contract, you had to pay maintenance on the lapsed time as well.

It happened to a company I used to work for, but we managed to get it waived by our V salesperson.

Are those the consequences you speak of?
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Response by poster: Lairc, yes, that's pretty much it, and they're also trying to charge us an additional reinstatement fee. I've been going through old files and archives but no one seems to have the policy we agreed to at the time (which is the one that applies).
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