What are the best Actionscript courses in Boston?
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Work is paying for a Flash Actionscript class. What are the best ones available in or around Boston, Massachusetts USA? I am Straight Outta Newton and work in Allston, so I would like something in those areas, but I am willing to go anywhere in Metro Boston/city if the course is very good.
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Limited experience, but I would anti-recommend New Horizons. I took a basic 2-day Flash course at their Quincy location this summer for work, and it was not time well spent. Perhaps a less corporate-training type of place? Good luck, and I'd be interested to hear if you find anything useful.
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Oh, man, I was just looking at this. If they'll pay for it, totally go to Harvard. This course is not _strictly_ about actionscript, but you could take it noncredit and just do what you want. I was thinking of paying for this myself, but it suits me fairly well.
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