Need Two Software Recs!
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SoftwareFilter: Is there currently a Windows equivalent to Tinderbox (for Mac)? I know they say they're porting it, but I ...want something I can use NOW! I vaguely remember some smaller software company that made something similar a few years ago, but have not been able to locate it. Also, other than iTunes, what software are my fellow MeFites finding good for use with their iPods? (I currently am using TagScanner/ANapod Explorer/iTunes in combination)
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ipods - Media Center. Me and my wife use it to sync audio and video between ipods, irivers, archoses, PSPs, and sundry flash players. Also does some clever on-demand transcoding for client-server... I have used it to listen to (very lossy) tracks over dial-up when stuck for tunes. My library recently hit 110K tracks and it still works on a 700 MHz P3 (server). ALthough the UI is a little sluggish with a chip that slow. If I hit the same library on an Athlon/Pentium M it runs fine.
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I like media monkey for my ipod
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We use the Anapod explorer for 4 iPod Nano devices & love it.
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