Should have taken more notice of the poorer reviews on trip advisor ...
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I want to make a complaint about a hotel in Venice. Is there such a thing as a government tourist agency, either in Italy or specific to Venice, which inspects hotels and which it would be worth copying in?

I'm planning to complain by writing to the hotel, but I'd like also to contact any relevant agency which has responsibility for hotel standards, or a local business standards association. Can anyone point me to something like this? Any general resources about complaining about hotels would also be useful.
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Best answer: ENIT - national tourism board.

ENIT's list of Venice tourism offices

APT Venezia - Offical Tourism board of Venice
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submit a complaint also on tripadvisor, which can warn potential, future guests.
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Seconding the idea of Tripadvisor. Your negative review there will probably have a far greater effect than any official complaint. It's also worth comparing your experience with any existing reviews for the hotel on that site.
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Oops, just noticed your title there....
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Depends on your complaint. If it has to do with public health issues (e.g. cleanliness), that's probably the one government agency that might take some serious action (though I have no idea what the agency is in Italy nor how effective it is)
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What happened? I find the MeFi community far more responsive to a cry for help that includes a horror-story.
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My roommate is actually in the process of booking a hotel in Venice, and the name of this horror hotel would be very welcome.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the help. I'm not sure that what I was looking for exists - I was after an organisation that registers hotels, and can therefore take their registration away. In any case, I'll copy in the organisations romakimmy suggests - thanks.

Dasein, I've emailed you the details - haven't had a response, so hope it got through. wolfsleepy, you don't have an email in your profile, so I haven't been able to email you - but there are plenty of negative reviews of the place on rtipadvisor, just also enough positive ones that I decided to take a chance.
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Response by poster: [That's tripadvisor, of course.]
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