Pop songs like Unwritten
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GirlPowerPopSongFilter: Songs like Unwritten, by Natasha Bedingfield?

In search of catchy energetic upbeat girl-power pop songs. Like Unwritten, also like K.T. Tunstall, Black Horse and Cherry Tree.
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Madeline Peyroux - Don't Wait Too Long
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(well, maybe)
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When you say power pop, you might like The Pipettes. Very very catchy, but not much like the singer / songwriters you mention. Just an idea!
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Babes in Toyland, L7, Neko Case, Feist.
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Legend of a Cowgirl by Imani Coppola.
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That's a very odd definition of "power pop". More in line with the songs you mention would be Amy Studt, Jem and possibly Delta Goodrem, and I second The Pipettes.
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Hang on, you want specific songs:
Amy Studt "Misfit"
Jem "They" and "Finally Woken"
Delta Goodrem "Innocent Eyes"
The Pipettes "Pull Shapes"
Ashlee Simpson "Love Makes The World Go Round"
Lindsay Lohan "Symptoms of You"
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I think the OP means "Girl Power" -pop, not girl- "Power Pop", judging from the request for "girl-power pop songs".
No suggestions, though.
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Video by India.Arie and seconding Legend of a Cowgirl
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Kris Delmhorst, Patty Griffin, Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, Tegan & Sara, Jill Barber, Ruth Minnikin, Liz Durrett, Toby Lightman, Thea Gilmore, Beth Orten, Laura Cantrell
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Wow. For me, this is one of the best kind of AskMes... the kind that makes you say, "Who knew that that weird and/or embarrassing fixation of mine would one day allow me to help someone else?!" For I am an avid collector of pop-y girl power songs and, though my friends tease me about it every time they scroll through my iPod, evidently it will allow me to help you. Here are some of my top picks:

“I’m Not Afraid of Anything” from the musical Songs for a New World
“All Or Nothing” by Athena Cage
“Weight of the World” by Chantal Kreviazuk
“Girl From the Gutter” by Kina
“Tonight and the Rest of My Life” by Nina Gordon
“Slung-Lo” by Erin McKeown
“The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World (not a female artist, but about a girl)
“Wide Open Spaces” by the Dixie Chicks
“Sweaters” by Beth Waters
“Short Skirt/ Long Jacket” by Cake
“Dreams” and “Free to Decide” by the Cranberries
“Perfect Day” by Hoku
"Supergirl" by Krystal Harris
“Dive and Fly” by Jennifer Daniels
“Who I Am” by Jessica Andrews
“Passionate Kisses” by Mary Chapin Carpenter
“This Town is Wrong” by The Nields
“As Cool as I Am,” and “Another Mystery” by Dar Williams
"Raspberry Swirl" by Tori Amos
"Stronger" by Britney Spears
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Another tack, not at all inconsistent with the above, would be create a "Natasha Bedingfield" station on Pandora and see what plays for you, and which you like. Not as effective if you're searching for the benefit of someone else.
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Abra Moore - Four Leaf Clover
Pat Benatar - Love is a Battlefield
Imogen Heap - Say Goodnight and Go
JD Natasha - Lagrimas
Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi
Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam - Lost in Emotion
Liz Phair - Why Can't I
? Nellie McKay - Sari ? (that one might be a stretch)
Real McCoy - Another Night (don't ignore this one, it is the JAM, early-nineties style)
Shakira - Ciego Sordomuda
K's Choice - I Want You to Want Me

Seconding Dar Williams - As Cool As I Am

That was fun, good question lady.
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Great ideas, I'm going through them all and will check back.
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PS, I loved L7, though not for this playlist -- reminded me of Mary's Danish or the Breeders.
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"The Only Thing" by Tamyra Gray (yes, yes, the girl from American Idol season 1) is great and poppy and very Beddingfield-esque. So's her song "Star", which is more power-pop. But oddly enough, neither song is available on iTunes anymore!
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Annie - Chewing Gum
Amy Winehouse - Rehab
Robyn - Who's That Girl
Regina Spektor - Fidelity
Girls Aloud - Biology
Teddybears ft Neneh Cherry - Yours To Keep
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Anything by K's Choice seconded. I have a feeling you would like it. Check out the albums "Cocoon Crash" and "Almost Happy".
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"One Girl Revolution" - Superchick
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Towards the Hip-Hop end of the spectrum:
Amerie - "1 Thing"
Blu Cantrell - "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)"

More Dance/Electronic:
Freezepop - "Science Genius Girl"
Goldfrapp - "Ooh La La"

A little harder:
The Donnas - "Fall Behind Me"
Jem - "Come On Closer"
Morningwood - "Babysitter"
Veruca Salt - "Seether" and "Volcano Girls"

Pat Benatar - "Love Is A Battlefield"

More like what you are aiming for:
Nelly Furtado - "Powerless (Say What You Want)" ***
Joan Osborn - "St. Teresa"
Joss Stone - "You Had Me"
Kelly Clarkson - "Miss Independent" and "Since U Been Gone"
Michelle Branch - "Breathe"
Dido - "Sand In My Shoes"
Republica - "Ready To Go" ***
Rachel Stevens - "Negotiate With Love"
No Doubt - "Just A Girl"
Letters To Cleo - "Here and Now" and "Awake"
Liz Phair - "Extraordinary"
Hilary Duff - "Fly"
Jewel - "Have A Little Faith In Me" (from Phenomenon soundtrack)
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