Laser Etching a Powerbook/MacBook Pro near Toronto?
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Does anyone know of a place in or around Toronto where I can get my Macbook Pro laser etched?

From what I've heard a lot of trophy shops with laser etchers will do it, but I'd really prefer to take my precious to some place that has done one or two others before, or at least a place that would be receptive to the idea and the concern to do it properly. I figure there has got to be a place near Toronto that has done this before. FWIW, the other examples online all seem to use EPILOG lasers.
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ANy high-end model making shop should be able to do it.
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No matter how much work it was, I'd remove the top (and/or bottom) and give it to them to etch, not trust them with the whole laptop.

But that's just me. I did a lesser but similar thing to make a candy-apple red Powerbook once. Nine coats of lacquer from an auto-body shop, where they're very good at that kind of thing. They even masked out the screw-holes.
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etchamac does it.
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Response by poster: etchamac would change $700(!?), and it would require me to ship my laptop to the states and back, causing unknown customs and shipping fees, as well as leaving me without a computer for days or even weeks, so it's not really an ideal solution. I'm really looking for someplace local to the GTA or at least somwhere in southern Ontario.
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You might try contacting a local metal working company. I've worked with Iso-Lux several times, they are great. They may not be able to provide laser etching, but they are bound to know somebody local who can. Here's an article about them: Laser system adds capabilities, capacity at Iso-Lux (ya, I know, but it probably isn't that kind of laser :P).
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patrick: where do you $700? I see up to $70 on this page...

I agree shipping would be a pain.
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