Firefox Plugin to add Address Field to Stripped Pop-Up Windows
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Firefox plugin: I'm after the name/link of the extension that will add the URL of a pop-up window as an additional header field, when the rest of the 'normal' window architecture/controls have been stripped out.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much WCityMike - your first suggestion did work for the specific site that has been bamboozling me. I don't think I've ever seen that option before (reformatted the hdd yesterday and upgraded FF at the same time is my excuse anyway).

But there is an extension which is handy in a general sense that I used to have (and spent about 2 hours searching vainly for over the last day or so) that displays the address for the pop-ups that I would still like to find.
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Response by poster: Yeah. I might have the language wrong but in those windows (only pop-ups I think) where all the back/refresh/file/edit etc controls are gone and there is nothing more than the top edge of a window with the firefox symbol ---- this particular extension or plugin or addon inserts a strip below that top edge in which the full URL of the page is displayed.

Come to think of it (although my memory is now fading) it might also add that strip to every window, pop-up or otherwise - I could be wrong about that. I just found it very handy at times and can't recall how or why I ditched it in the past. But even with my lateral thinking hat on in relation to search terms, I cannot find hide nor hair of it.
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Response by poster: ..inserts a strip below.. So it's not an address bar per se in which you can modify the URL, it's just a narrow bit of, you know, background beige or whatever, with the viewable and copyable.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the thought. Damn! I'll comfort myself with the illusion that the elegant script whose name escapes me doesn't work in FF2.0.
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