Source for Interactive Avatars?
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Interactive Avatar sources?

Ideally I'm looking for a library of avatars -- different styles, characters, etc. -- that perform different actions. Similar to sorta, but this is for educational purposes, to let kids control what the characters do. Can be VRML, a ton of animated clips, Flash, underlying tech. doesn't matter so much. Actions needed are commonplace things: jump, run, walk, kick, hit, throw, grab, lift, drink, eat, -- plus ideally more esoteric ones, like 'kitchen' activities: mixing, pouring, cooking, cutting, etc. Again, ideally actions common to a wide range of environments.

Whole body is important. Heads alone won't help much.

I know there's software that assists w/animating, but I'm wondering if there are libraries of short videos or animations depicting these kinds of things, or if anyone's created generic puppet-like avatars that can be manipulated by users.

Thanks for any input, references, suggestions!
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This may be a good application for Second Life. Most of the animations you want can be found in the freebie zones. It isn't all that hard to make your own custom animations. If you bring kids along, be sure to stick to the "PG" sims, or you will have furries dropping in with flourescent genetalia.

If you just want to play the animations, then the free Avimator editor may be enough.
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(note that there is no need to pay for Second Life - there is plenty of free and open space where you can stand an avatar and play animations)
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