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[malaysia filter] I'll probably be in Kuala Lumpur at the end of the month for about 3 days. I'm looking for something fun to do that I might not have done having been there before. There's

This will be my 4th trip to KL in the last 3 years, and my last trip was only about 3 months ago. This trip is unusally short, but I'd still like to make the most of it. I'll be arriving in KL on a weekday afternoon, and have to work on the Thursday and Friday during the day. That leaves the nights free, and part of the weekend. I have to get back home (8hr flight) on the Monday night at the latest. Any interesting things I may have missed in my previous KL ventures? Any must-do side trips or other recommendations?

I spent ages researching before my last 3 week trip to KL, but most things appear to be targeted at people making more than just a fleeting visit. As a guide, I've done way too much shopping and seen most of the sights of KLCC in previous visits (which could be fun again!). I'm staying near KLCC.
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Best answer: Some suggestions from my friend who lives in KL:

* The KL Tower, walking through the nearby forest track (Bukit Nanas forest reserve)
* Plenty of clubbing - neither of us are much for the nightlife though, so I wouldn't know
* The StarHill Gallery has a Chinese Painting exhibit now
* Bungee jumping?
* Going to Mines Wonderland to see the Cheng Ho exhibit
* Go UP the KLCC tower!
* Amusement parks in Sunway Lagoon and Berjaya Times Square (indoor rollercoaster!)

I lived in KL myself for a while, and I suggest wandering around the outskirts - Petaling Jaya, Bangsar, and so on. Plenty to see and do (though heavy on the shopping side). Also, take this time to explore the food - Malaysian food is the best, I tell you.
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Response by poster: Thanks divabat - great ideas :)
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no worries :)

She wants me to suggest the following food:

* The mamak stalls at the SS2 foodcourt

* Klang bakuteh (a type of pork soup)

* Wantan mee (noodle soup)
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