Why does my iPod lose right-channel sound?
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My second-generation iPod nano sometimes seems to lose right-channel sound, on any pair of ear buds, headphones, or speakers; only pushing the jack "up" towards the front restores the right channel, and even then only temporarily. Is this just what these iPods do, or is my particular unit defective?

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Best answer: Get thee to an Apple store - your unit is defective. It's most likely a loose connection in the headphone jack (since you tested it with other headphones, we know it's not a problem with the white earbuds that Apple gave you). It's not too hard to fix, but you certainly shouldn't have to. Apple will probably just replace it, rather than mess with repairing it.
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rossination speaks the truth - to the Apple store!
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This problem can develop with any headphone jack. My old computer's headphone jack was like this, too.
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It often is the result of putting the iPod (or anything with a headphone jack) into your pocket or purse and pressure is put against the jack. It can also happen if you're one of those people who insists on wrapping your headphones around the iPod to shorten the cord or when not in use--basically anything that causes the jack to put pressure against one side instead of sitting normal.
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Response by poster: Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

I bought the unit a week ago at a P.C. Richard & Son in New York. The receipt says that Apple handles all repairs directly, so can I take the iPod to my local Apple store, or do I need to exchange it at a P.C. Richard?
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I've got the same issue - but my Shuffle is over a year old, and it only started happening about 2 months ago. Does anyone know what the chances are of Apple repairing / fixing mine? I've resigned myself to the fact that it's probably not going to be good news, this far along.
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Cmyers - yes, talk to Apple. It may be easier to send it in, but I think that you may have to pay for shipping.

Jimbob - sounds like you're probably out of luck, since it's out of the warranty. Worth giving them a call, at any rate.
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Best answer: Being in New York, it's probably easier to take it to the store, since they'll replace it on the spot. Make your reservation online for either the SoHo or east side store (which is at 59th & Fifth, I think), and you'll be there for about an hour. If you make your appointment first thing in the morning, you'll have a fair choice of times. I recommend showing up a little before your appointment slot. (My iPod has broken so many times that when I go to the store, we all have a laugh about my ability to make them stop working. Then they give me a new iPod.)
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Response by poster: rossination and dame - further thanks. I'll head over there tomorrow.
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