Pasteurized Eggs? Where?
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Where can I buy pasteurized eggs on Long Island?

I'm planning the menu for Thanksgiving, and want to make some ice cream and eggnog. Salmonella is normally not something I worry about, but young children will be eating the ice cream (at least!) and I'd feel a bit guilty if I killed my sister's kid.

I know I can do the cooking and tempering thing for the ice cream, but it's easier and quicker to just throw some cream, milk, sugar and eggs together and let the kids crank.

This site says all the major supermarkets carry pasteurized eggs, but the ones I've been to don't. They will sell them via mail (?!?) but the 5 dozen minimum is a little off putting.

I've tried calling stores, but they have no idea what I'm talking about.

So, has anyone actually seen or bought pasteurized eggs on Long Island?
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I wonder if this technique might help you — it's a way of heating eggs enough in your microwave to kill bacteria without changing their texture. It was designed to let you make whole-egg mayonnaise safely at home, but I suspect it might work for ice cream too. (Of course, if you can find pasteurized eggs where you live, they'll probably be simpler. If you do use some version of the microwave technique, I'd try a test batch yourself before springing it on the kids.)
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They're available at Safeway in Oregon -- but only just started in the past month or so. Have you tried there recently? Perhaps it's a new thing where you are, as well.
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Whole Foods usually carries them, but I think the only one on Long Island is in Manhasset.

For what it's worth, I wouldn't mind if my own kids ate raw eggs, but I do appreciate that you're thinking about other people's kids.
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I think there is a Whole Foods on 106/107 in Jericho/Hicksville. Tried going to the Whole Foods website, but it killed IE.

BTW, the kids are going to love uncle Marky...
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