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I'm looking for a TV notification service. Something that will email / (dare I dream?) IM me when shows I want to watch are on. Additional challenge: I need it to support Canadian satellite (ExpressVu) TV.

Also suggestions on good online TV guides would be great as well. Right now I use Zap2it and it's okay but not very customizable.
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FreeGuide rips TV schedules off of various websites. I'm not sure whether it does notification yet, but there are a couple of vagues references in the TODO list that indicate it is a planned feature.

If you have any programming skills, then at the very least FreeGuide might give you a base to start working off of.
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I was about to suggest DigiGuide which I used back when I had cable but it appears that they only deal with UK listings.

That's a shame as you can set reminders and the app will speak to you, telling you how long until a program is on (and they do a web based system with email alerts too).
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I don't know about support for Canadian satellite television, but have you looked at Yahoo? If you have a standard Yahoo! account, you can go through their tv listings and add shows to your calendar, with the option of getting an email and/or IM.
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