where art thou ?
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Can you help me find my brother ?

I broke his camera, he's in the huff with me, he went to aberdeen to work in it/cad for a pipline company in aberdeen - i think their names 'century pipelines' in aberdeen - their logo was a big 'c' - his names victor reynolds -searching for him but i can't see him at all - he used to design websites for people and was trying to set up a company selling stock control systems for pubs as well - all i remember is his old website which was called 'shrimpseye' - it was a major huff and i've lost all his contact details - if anyone can help i'd be much obliged.
he definitely works in computers - testing pipelines etc with some brainy russian guys for a pipeline company in aberdeen.

all help appreciated.
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You know, a name would probably help.
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And now I see there is one, I just missed it. For I am an idiot.
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Have you tried Zabasearch? His year of birth or potential states would narrow things down a lot. A general search turns up too many people.
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milarepa, I suspect sarge means Aberdeen Scotland, not Aberdeen USA
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Are there any intermediaries that are likely to have his info you can contact? A friend or two of your brother's that you have an email or phone number or address for? Someone else within the family if that's an option?
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I found his email address on a forum, I'll email it to you.
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Do you have the URL of his old website?

If so, this might be worth a try: enter the URL into the WHOIS lookup in www.dnsstuff.com. You may get a set of contact details to work with, if the domains still registered to him.
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Here's a list of subsea pipeline engineering companies, you might be able to pick out his company from this
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It appears that the whois for the UK domain has lapsed and that forum post was from '02 if I read the dates right. Sgt. how long ago was this? I still think contacting people one or two degrees from you are your best bet for closing in on his whereabouts. Good Luck!
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Found his company, they're called Century Subsea - just sent you a mail.
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This PDF references a Victor Reynolds as working in the IMS division for a company called Acergy, who are "leaders in seabed to surface engineering" apparently. He is described as having worked tirelessly on a new website. The PDF is from the beginning of the year, so fairly current. They do have a base in Aberdeen. No big 'C' however. I guess you could just ring them up (Acergy Ltd, Tel: 01224 718200, Bucksburn House Bucksburn, Aberdeen AB21 9RQ) and ask to speak to him and see if he's the right one.

Alternatively, if you know the school he went to you can try FriendsReunited.

Good Luck!
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