Where can I find a "sunrise" alarm clock in the US?
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Where can I find a "sunrise" alarm clock in the US?

I'm looking for an alarm clock that uses light instead of sound to wake you up. Unfortunately the only thing I've found is this that ships from the UK.
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I got one from here.
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The phrase you're looking for is dawn simulator. You should also be able to find some previou Ask discussions about them, if you need more info.
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I want one of these which sounds like it uses light with a sound backup.
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A really simplistic option is to buy a timer, like for Xmas lights, going on vacations, etc. and set it up with a light you already have. I did that last week and have been very happy so far.
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Seconding the BioBrite. miagaille and I have woken to one for a year now- the "88628 Digital SunRise Clock - Advanced Model" - and can't imagine life without it. The very idea of being woken up by sound is just horrific to us now.
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epersonae - I did that last year. It was nice, but a little jarring. Have you found a way for it to get lighter gradually?
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I have that Moonbeam clock from LLBean.com. Starts with flashing light, then goes to noise. Works really well in winter, in summer I rely on the noise because it's already light out.
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If you truly just want the light, rather than also having an audible alarm, I recommend this sunrise simulator. It's cheap ($30) because you plug in your own lamp. (I like this because I can use a lamp that looks nice in my bedroom, rather than the ugly globes all the other simulators seem to use.) You have to plan ahead a bit & plug it in 8 hours before you want to get up, though - it doesn't have a timer you can set.
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Back in 1997 I got a table lamp from MicroSun that had a built-in clock and sunrise alarm feature. Same idea as the BioBrite, but it was a nice looking piece of furniture. The bright rays shooting into my eyeballs really helped fight seasonal affective disorder, which was a problem in the winter blizzards of Chicago. Unfortunately, they only sell those crazy brass retirement home things now, and I couldn't find my WinterSun model anywhere online. Maybe you contact them and demand one!
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Oops! MicroSun website.
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I've got a 3-way lamp on a timer AND a clock radio. I tend to use the lowest setting until I start sleeping through that and then move my way up as winter goes on. I don't find it all that jarring when the light comes on, especially if it comes on before the radio.
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