Can Breathe Right be wrong?
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Is there anything wrong with using Breathe-Right strips forever?

Because of, oh, who knows, a deviated septum, sinus problems, whatever, I have a hard time breathing clearly at night. Then, about two years ago, I discovered the magic that is Breathe-Right nose strips.

I am addicted to them, can't sleep without them. Could this be a bad thing? Could it have adverse long-term effects on my sinuses?

I'd personally rather use these every day for the rest of my life than get surgery on my deviated septum, but could there possibly be anything wrong with that?

(I do feel like this is a really dumb question, but I have been wondering about it.)

Bonus question: does anyone have a good method for getting the goo off your nose the next morning? Even a good scrubbing won't get it off. (Small price to pay, I say.)
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I don't believe they can harm you, although IANAD. My understanding is that they just help pull the nasal passageways open.
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I too am addicted. I have been using nose strips every night for 2+ years. I started with Breath-Right, but found that it was actually changing the shape of my nose. There was a line that seemed permanent. I would also be peeling the goo off throughout the day.
For the past year, I have been using Target's nose strips (tan, 30-pack = $6.99) instead. They are quite different, but seem to work as well. I prefer them because they don't create lines on my nose. Also, they don't leave goo when you peal them off. They're also *much* cheaper.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tip, tom_g. I've bought the Eckerd's ones before and I assume they're similar to the Target ones. I hated them, but they were the clear ones. I'll have to keep my eye out next time I go to Target.

(Thank goodness I can use my Flex Spending Account to pay for the nose strips.)
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I have used these for almost 10 years with no ill effects. They do not work as well as they used to, but they still help.

As for the "goo," I have never had a problem with this, but I have oily skin and sometimes the strips do not stick that well, even after washing/drying my nose. I believe I read on the instructions that if you had problems taking them off to either wet your nose a little or use a dab of cream before you applied the strip, or they recommend using the clear strips which have less adhesive. With the wet nose they will not stick as well, so you might have to experiment a little. possibly rub a small amount of cream on your nose and wipe most of it away.

Long term you may want to discuss with your doctor using a CPAP at night in addition to the strips to help your breathing.
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Unfortunately, I can't use the little wonders for more than 3 days straight. I develop a maddening nose twitch that screws with my vision (because my glasses are bouncing up and down).

The twitch lingers for another 3-4 days after removal. If it weren't for the twitch, I would be in perpetual oxygenated heaven.
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The only problem I've ever had with using them is getting the occasional giant pimple on my nose from my pores being covered so much.
God, I hate nose-pimples. They're the most prominent, hard-to-disguise kind.
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Most kinds of goo stuck to the skin come off easily with a little baby oil rubbed on a cotton ball.
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I use St. Ives apricot scrub to get the nose strip goo off.
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