How to set up a bounce for Gmail?
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Is there a way to automatically redirect emails from one Gmail account to another?

My current Gmail address is I just got married to Mr. Smith and got a second address, I'd like to set up a bounce so that emails sent to are automatically bounced to Is this possible?
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log into the acct to be forwarded, go to settings -> forwarding and POP -> forwarding.
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yes, click on settings in the top right, click on the "forwarding and pop" tab and write in the address you'd like your email forwarded to in the appropriate box.

You can even send emails as jane.doe while logged into you jane.smith account, for more information on the see here .
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even better, you can combine those two accounts
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"Bounce" is not the right word to be using here. "Forwarding" is where addresses to A get automatically sent to B without the sender knowing. Bouncing is when messages get returned to the sender with a NDR (non-delivery report) error generated by the mailer. You don't want messages to bounce unless the email address does not exist anymore.
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Thanks all, I'll try that now.
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Just be sure to log directly into the original account with some frequency. I lost a gmail account I was using strictly for forwards (with an email address that was the only one some business clients had for me), and I can only assume this was because I had not logged in for months. I was unable to get any help from gmail. Grr.
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How can I switch from one gmail account to another without logging out from one account and then logging in another account? I am told there is a firefox extension to do this, however, I could not locate. Incidentally, I have three gmail accounts.
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mulligan: how do you combine accounts?
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