French Rabbit Chardonnay
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French rabbit Chardonnay - I love it! Does anyone know of a similar wine in the same price range?
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Do you mean the French wine in a box?

It looks good, having read the tasting notes, but I havn't seen it around here. The website doesn't list any pricing and so I can't offer alternatives in a price range.

What is it that makes French Rabbit special for you?
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I'm drinking it right now, actually. I don't have any suggestions for you but snsranch, I think it's about 10 or 11 bux.
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I'm not really a wine guy, but I've always been led to believe that wine shop employees are often a good source for questions like these.
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I like it as it has less fruity and hay taste than other wines. It is dry enough, nice finish and has a nice balance of soft and body. No lingering tastes.

Here in Toronto is ir around $12 for the 1 liter terapak.


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New World (U.S. South America etc) wines are generally more "fruity," so you may want to look into wines "Old World" areas.

French wines especially are less fruity tasting so you can try exploring those, go to a decent wine store and tell the employee exactly what you said.
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