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Can you install IE7 AND IE6 on the same machine?

Not under separate login accounts but for one login. I am working on a website for someone and for reasons that I think are CSS connected, pages are appearing differently in IE6 on his machine than they do in IE7 on mine. Can you install both versions under one login on a Win XP so I can just swap from one to the other to test how it looks?
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(Googled "IE 6 IE 7 concurrent".)

But other signs point to no.

So use this, if the first option isn't available or doesn't work. (It, pertaining to an RC of IE7.)
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Response by poster: Thanks disillusioned, at least this gives me hope it can be done.
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The "official" solution is to run one of them in a VM. That does have some advantages when testing - you can install all kinds of weird stuff without screwing up your main dev environment.

If I was able to test as fully as I'd like to, I'd probably want to test against Opera 8/9 on Win, the last few versions of Moz on Win and Linux, IE6 on Win, and IE7 on XP and Vista. Multiple screen resolutions, too. That adds up to a lot of variations, and a VM starts to look like a reasonable solution.
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You can get this standalone IE7 (same site as disillusioned linked to), but it's got some major features missing like form menus don't work and you can't disable the popup blocker.
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Run IE tab in Firefox, I believe it still renders like IE6
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No clue if this would do what you want but MS has a utility to make a "site" think it is using IE6 when acutally using IE7. It is "IE user agent string utility v.2.0. From Microsoft.
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Umm, I think IE Tab just hosts IE in a firefox tab, so whatever version of IE you have, that's what it uses. But I could be wrong.

Also, previously, sort of.
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@Dave - IETab uses the rendering engine of whatever IE is present on your machine.

I second the VM suggestion.
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