Great haircut in chicago?
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ChicagoFilter: Where to get a great (mens) haircut in Chicago?

I think it's about time I stopped going to random places for mediocre haircuts and actually spend the money to get a good one. Any suggestions?

Note that I'm a lawyer, so it needs to be someone who can do something at least sort of conservative, but my taste definitely runs more to the Jim-from-the-Office end of things than, say, to the Rick Santorum end of things. Young and casual is good.
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I'm a girl, but the woman who cuts my hair is amazing. I was out one night at a crowded concert with three other women and two men who all go to this woman for hair cuts. Note: we all have different styles and different types of hair. I left my group to go to the ladies room. As I was heading back, I noticed I was being tailed by a young woman. She apologized and said, "I'm following you back to my friends. I know we're standing next to you and your friends because you all have really great hair."

Anyway. Nancy Anselmo at Langtree on Belmont at Southport. 773.883.1881
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State Street Barbers
They give you a beer while you wait. Well, at least in Boston.
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I've never seen a bad cut from Milio's - 959 W. Belmont, just west of the Belmont Red Line stop (773-549-1461). Six or seven of my friends are regulars, men and women, and we love it.
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Assuming you really want a hair cut and not hair styling, go see these guys at the Belmont Barbershop. Really terrific and very friendly.
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I live in Oak Park and I've had a good experience with the barber shop on Oak Park Avenue. It's a hole in the wall, one barber. He's a great guy, always friendly and does a GREAT job. I too am very finicky about my hair. Hope that info helps.
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Frank's Barber Shop, Van Buren and Dearborn. Ask for Lisa, and tell her that I miss her and love her (platonically).
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Oh, it's $25 and extremely competent.
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I've always had good result at Big Hair. Scottie does me right. Added bonus: you get to look at all the hipster chicks while you're there.
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