Post-2006 election on talk radio?
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What's going on on the Limbaugh and Hannity shows in the wake of the election? I meant to tune them in to see what the AM radio mood/reaction has been, but forgot. Has anyone checked out any AM talk radio?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: please go listen to the radio to determine what is on the radio.

A blog post on the subject, from Metafilter's own rcade.
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Right from the horse's ass
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Adding to the MeFi post linked above, Rush conceded that the GOP had let its supporters down with rampant spending, and other anti-conservative initiatives. This in the midst of mostly anti-lib spin and rantage.

Hannity also admitted a portion of blame to the party.

But mostly, epic finger pointing at the other side, including a "vote fraud" accusation by Rush at the Dems for insisting that the Saddam verdict had been carefully timed, IIRC.
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